Pin-Up Vip Club

Pin-Up Casino VIP Club is a loyalty program offered by Pin Up – an online platform that provides players access to various games, including slots, table games, and live dealer titles. The VIP Club is designed to reward regular and high-rolling players with additional money they can earn and send it within the website or application in Canada.

What are pincoins?

Players who visit and use the Casino Pin Up website can acquire the unique currency known as Pincoins (or simply PNC). PNCs are available for each deposit you make as well as for carrying out specific online tasks within the platform or regular basis. Pincoins can be redeemed for real money at a favourable rate, which depends on the client’s gambling level.

The more points a player earns, the higher their tier will be, with each level unlocking a more favourable exchange for money. The better level gives better conditions to interchange your pincoins to euros or American dollars.

What does the Pin-Up club offer?

Users of Pin Up are members of the casino’s Pin-Up VIP Club and are awarded with levels (tiers) for various website activity in exchange for Pincoins. These include:

  • Making a deposit or withdrawal payment
  • Confirmation of a phone number or e-mail address
  • Account form completion
  • Identity verification
  • Participation in promotions and activities
  • Playing gaming titles
  • Regular gambling activity on dedicated slots etc

When you complete your daily goals, your player’s balance is refilled with certain amount of PNCs. Gather more to upgrade your level with a more favourable exchange rate. To become a Novice in the program, you need to earn 200 PNC. The whole levels’ hierarchy has this look:

Level’s numberTier’s TitlePNC to improve the tierExchange ratio for USD or EUR
VIRisk Seeker100001:300
VIIFortune’s Favourite150001:240
VIIILuck Catcher200001:180
IXGambling Lord250001:120

The benefits of pincoins can be interpreted as receiving some sort of cashback. Pin Up already takes 10% off every week, and exchanging virtual credits for real ones makes it possible to increase your returns. The statistics are such that it takes work to win regularly. This loyalty plan makes it possible not to lose money for nothing. Refunds help mainly to get an amount that will give you a chance to win back after a frustrating defeat.

When several thousand coins are accumulated on a profile, the gambler will withdraw some additional cash in return. Moreover, in Pin Up Casino, this money can be freely withdrawn to cards and not worked out by the wager.